The Banner of Love© is a religious publication, created, edited, and published in the interests of the Primitive Baptist Churches throughout the United States of America. Established in 1932, The Banner of Love is one of the oldest continuing religious publications registered with the United States Postal Service, mailing under its "periodical" postal class permits.


The primary purpose of the publications is to provide notice of upcoming church meetings, to publish columns and articles of religious doctrinal and historical significance, as well as to provide general news with regard to the interests of the Primitive Baptist Church.


The newspaper operates on a non-commercial basis and accepts no paid advertisements. Subscription rates currently are $12 per year for 12 monthly issues. You may contact us regarding subscriptions, general information, or to submit articles for publication at P.O. Box 93123, Lubbock, Texas 79493 or via email on the contact us page.


The Banner of Love is protected by the copyright laws of Texas and the United States. Any use for re-publication is allowed only pursuant to our copyright policy noted on the Subscription and Copyright page.